Dexter Season 8

The 8th Season of Showtimes Dexter

Dexter Season 8 - The 8th Season of Showtimes Dexter

Dexter is Officially Over

So, Dexter the series has officially come to an end. This will go down as one of the most creative shows to ever be on television. It has forever changed the term vigilante as he was a killer that tried to do good with his sickness. A movie has been much rumored but the producers and stars are saying that that is quite unlikely.. time will tell.

Your Thoughts So Far?

Share your thoughts on Season 8 in the comments section of this page. The season has been quite entertaining and has shown Dexter to be a serial killer that does indeed have some feelings.

Vogul is still a mystery yet unsolved in my opinion. She may in fact be the ultimate deciding factor in the demise of Dexter when all is said and done. She has put him in situations that he is not used to being in. For one she knows who he really is. Looking back at past seasons those who really knew him met grave endings but this time it just feels different.

Will there be anymore reunions before season end? How about a Lumen sighting? Time will tell.

The 2 Week Countdown


Dexter resumes its run and debuts its final season two weeks from tonight. Episode 1 is sure to shed some light on the aftermath of Laguerta’s demise. Judging from the preview videos that Showtime has released Deb is a utter wreck in the wake of the killing.

Dexter will see multiple new cast members join the team for the final season. Dr. Vogel and Marshall Cooper will be two new additions that should prove to play large parts in the season. Where will season 8 take us? Only time will tell.

Kenny Johnson Joins Season 8 Cast

Kenny Johnson has been added to season 8 and will carry the role of U.S Marshall Cooper, in his role he will work closely with Jacob Elroy, depicted by Sean Patrick Flannery.

Kenny Johnson is most famously recognized for his role on The Shield as Curtis Lemansky and is also known for his role on the hit show Sons of Anarchy.

It has been reported that Johnson will be playing a “no-nonsense and formidable lawman” who along with Jacob Elroy, will hunt down Dexter.