Dexter Season 8
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The 8th Season of Showtimes Dexter

Dexter Season 8 - The 8th Season of Showtimes Dexter

Dexter Movie Possible After Series Finale

dexter-512x288[1]So, the 8th (and possibly final) season of Dexter is right around the corner. It’s been a glorious run for Michael C Hall as the character “Dexter” in Showtime’s hit series. Dexter has went from a small time cult following to a banner child for the entire Showtime network. So is there life after death for the series and Dexter? Well, there *could* be a feature length movie coming.

Hall is quoted as saying, “I’m excited to see what comes next. Anything more specific than that I’m hard-pressed to say [what will happen]. Things like Dexter, that’s something that I couldn’t quite imagine before it came to pass. I’d like to believe that the future holds things that I can’t quite imagine right now.”

It seems like Michael has high hopes for Dexter on the upcoming season. Is it a smoke-screen though?

Hall commented, “As far as the ending is concerned, I do fantasize about a happy ending on Dexter’s behalf, you know, because it’s something that he perhaps deserves, though I honestly don’t know if that’s the way it’s going to pan out.”

Season seven received great reviews after a poor showing in season six where Dexter took the overplayed, over done and over zealous “religious angle” something that has been seen over again in multiple programs. So now on to the possibility of a movie.

Hall pondered, “You know there’s been talk about that possibility, but I struggle to see it being worthwhile. I mean, if somebody can put something in front of me that was compelling, I would be excited, sure, but I have trouble imagining it.”

Hall didn’t exactly rule out the possibility of Dexter being remade into a film but at this moment in time it does feel unlikely. We’ll be sure to know more after season eight.